How to View Your Digital Manual Offline on Android Phones and Tablets

Below is a step-by-step guide to viewing the digital copy of any Grandio manual in offline mode on your Android phone or tablet. This will come in handy if your build site is outside of WiFi range, or you prefer a downloaded copy.

1. 1. If not already installed, download Amazon Kindle from the Google Play Store. Note: any PDF reader app with work in this situation. I have found the Kindle app to be the most user friendly and a lot of people already have it installed.

2. In your browser, visit and select Grandio Assembly under the Resources section.

3. Choose the appropriate manual for your greenhouse.

4. Elect to open the file in Amazon Kindle (Or your preferred reader).

5. The manual will now be downloaded to your device’s internal storage through your reader app. Once completed, the manual will be viewable without a data or WiFi connection.