A lovely and extensive Maine contribution to the Grandio Greenhouse gallery!

Here’s an awesome album and blog post from Amy in Maine. The Grandio Elite 8′ x 8′ looks amazing in her yard and the accompanying commentary is as pleasant of a read as you could ask for!

Here is an excerpt: “I held the brochure in my hands, and looked through the instructions for assembly. It was to be a beautiful structure of wavy corrugated walls, two windows that opened and closed on their own according to the temperature, and dark green metal framing. I was looking at 8′ x 8′ of glory: planting seeds in the early spring, growing summer tomatoes safe from insects, reading in a dry warm place in the winter or during a rain storm, and I was looking at a room of my own. (Virginia Woolf never had it so good. In fact, if she’d had a greenhouse, I suspect she might have had a happier ending.) The journey from a set of instructions to a finished structure took time, as it was just Husband doing the majority of the work, and me doing the toting, holding, and providing both inspiration and lunch, but it was always time well spent.”

Take some time to read the remainder of the post on her blog: Amy in the Garden

Are you interested in the greenhouse featured in her blog post?  Check out the Grandio Elite 8×8 Greenhouse here, or the other sizes available for the Elite model here, from 8×8 to 8×24.