Seed Heating Mats


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Raises the soil temperature to 85 or 90 degrees F, for bigger seedlings faster! If you like to begin your garden indoors in late winter, low temperatures can sometimes make germinating seeds difficult and slow. You COULD keep the heat cranked up, of course, but why not just raise the soil temperature in your seed flats and begin the garden of your dreams right in the basement or on the kitchen counter? Let the Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat do the work for you! This waterproof mat fits neatly beneath 1 standard-size seed flat or Bio Dome, raising the temperature of the soil to about 85 to 90 degrees F. You can’t get much use from it in a zero-degree room, but if you’ve got a chilly basement or mudroom just perfect for starting seeds, plug in this mat and off you go! The mat includes helpful hints printed right on, so you never need root around for gardening books when facing a new seed-starting challenge!