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Now Available! Our largest model yet! The Grandio Summit. Standing over 9' high and 12' wide with lengths up to 32' long, the all-new Summit is our largest greenhouse ever! Prices start at just $3999.00!
The Grandio Elite! Tough enough to withstand just about anything mother nature can throw at it! - 10MM thick twin-wall panels - Free snow & wind supports - Free base kit & rain gutters - Extra long warranty
Introducing the Grandio Element! The first small greenhouse that doesn't compromise quality for size! - 10MM thick twin-wall panels - Heavy-Duty frame - Available in 6x4, 6x8, and 6x12 - 7' Tall roof and 6' tall doors - Extra long warranty
Grandio Elite. Sizes from 8x8 to 8x24. The Grandio Elite greenhouse is a beautiful barn-style greenhouse that provides a wonderful year-round growing space in an attractive, heavy-duty aluminum frame and 10mm twin-wall panels. Starts at $2,399.
Grandio Ascent. Sizes from 8x8 to 8x24. Enjoy the beauty and durability of the original "apex' design greenhouse with an attractive green powder coating combined 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate making it a perfect complement to any garden. Starts at $1,999
Grandio Summit. Sizes from 12x8 to 12x32. Our largest model is 12' wide and 9' tall with 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels and an extremely heavy-duty frame that can take massive snow loads. This is the model if you need some serious space! Starts at $3,499
Grandio Element. Sizes from 6x4 to 6x12. The Grandio Element features 7' ceilings and 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels, a heavy-duty frame, and bind-resistant, sliding double doors. All in a slimmer 6' wide size for smaller spaces! Starts at $999

Need More Space to Grow?

Check out some of our large greenhouse models

Grandio Summit 12×28

Grandio Summit 12×32

Grandio Ascent 8×20

Grandio Elite 8×20

Grandio Ascent 8×24

Grandio Elite 8×24

Recent Customer Greenhouse Photos

View some of our greenhouse kits out in the wild, provided by our customers.

A customer built a custom base and doorframe for their Grandio Summit model greenhouse kit to increase the height of their greenhouse by about 2-3 feet.

Grandio Summit

Ross F.

A happy customer and her dog standing in front of her Grandio Elite greenhouse, with multiple plants growing inside.

Grandio Elite

L. Baumgart

A snow-covered landscape of 2 feet of snow surrounds a Grandio Ascent greenhouse, still standing strong and keeping the garden inside safe with the greenhouse's heavy-duty frame and panels.

Ascent in a Blizzard

Phil in New England

Summit 12x24 in the snow

Grandio Summit Snow

Leann from Utah

A Summit Greenhouse by Grandio with a shade net covering the roof, all in front of a beautiful sunset and grassy lawn.

Grandio Summit Summer

Leann from Utah

Grandio Summit photos submitted by E. Jessen

Grandio Summit

E. Jessen

A customer built their Grandio Ascent greenhouse on top of the roof of a shed, elevating the greenhouse into more sunlight and keeping a compact footprint.

Grandio Ascent

P. Kelts

There's an Elite model Grandio greenhouse in the middle of a lush garden of various flowers and plants.

Grandio Elite

L. Brobst

A Grandio shade net is covering an Ascent greenhouse to help regulate the temperature inside. There's a roof-window that's opened under the shade net, showing that the shade net is elastic enough to continue covering the roof while allowing the roof window to ventilate air.

Grandio Ascent

R. Silva

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