Check out this backyard garden retreat in Colorado- aptly named the Hyacinth House!

“My Grandio Ascent is my “Hyacinth House.” It is admittedly more a garden retreat than a practical work space. I love to sit out there with a cup of tea and read, especially when it rains. My toddler grandson plays with the rocks and the seashells and helps water the flowers. These photos were taken from April through December 2014. We moved into and remodeled our house and planted the gardens in 2014; the purple scalloped table is made with materials repurposed from the 1966 kitchen cabinets. My life-long love of gardening has been challenged by numerous moves. I’ve planted hundreds of trees and never stayed put long enough to see one grow tall. With my most recent move I decided that I should be a bonsai gardener, next time I move I may carry my garden with me. This winter my little greenhouse shelters a beginner bonsai collection of temperate climate shrubs.”

Are you interested in the greenhouse shown below?  Check out the Grandio Ascent 8×8 Greenhouse here, or the other sizes available for the Ascent model here, from 8×8 to 8×24.